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Tune Up Rates

Base Tune UP: $95
Thorough cleaning and lubrication, wheel true front and rear, brake adjustment and resurfacing, deraileur hanger straightening, deraileur adjustment front and rear.

Advanced Tune Up: $140
Base Tune plus multiple cable replacements, and/or a drivetrain replacement. (parts are not included in the tune up price)

Major Tune Up: $300
Advanced Tune with complete overhauls on the headset, bottom bracket, both hubs.

Other Basic Service Rates

Cable Installation (per cable): $15
Rim Brake Installation (per brake): $20
Disc Brake Installation (per brake): $40
Disc Brake Bleed (per brake): $40
Install Brake Pads (per brake): $10
Deraileur Adjustment (per deraileur): $15
Brake Adjustment (per brake): $15
Headset Bearing Adjustment: $8
Install and Straighten Deraileur Hanger: $10
Build Bike (partially assembled new): $50
Build Bike (partially assembled used): $85
Box Bike: $50
Install Bottom Bracket: $25
Install Fork: $30
Install Headset (standard): $25
Install Headset (Chris King): $40
Install Crankset: $25

Install Shifter Set: $40
Install Pedals: $5
Install Cycling Computer: $25
Install Rear Rack: $15
Install Basket: $15
Hub Overhaul (standard): $40
Install Cassette: $10
Fox Fork Base Service: $65
Fox Fork Talas Cartridge Service: $50
Fox Rear Shock Air Sleeve Service: $40
Fox Fork Major Overhaul (non-FIT): $90
Fox Fork with FIT Major Overhaul: $100
Frame Pivot Overhaul: $100
Tube/Tire Change: $12
Wheel Build (per wheel): $70
Install Spoke (non-disc): $20
Install Spoke (disc): $25